March Madness Round 2: Spooky vs. Superhero

Our next bracket gives us our first real Cinderella–our UMBC, our Buffalo, our Marshall, our Loyola Chicago.

First Round Winners



Fox’s paranormal parody earned tepid reviews at first, but has improved with every episode (and Adam Scott and Craig Robinson are simply good in everything). The half hour show that’s ever-teetering on the cancellation block eked out a close victory over the 13-season cult favorite Supernatural, but it does not get any easier from here as its next match-up is Netflix darling…

Black Mirror


Monkey needs a hug. That phrase from the Season 4 finale “Black Museum” still haunts us. And is anyone else who watched “Metalhead” now extra terrified of all those new robots that look like dogs? We definitely can never look at online dating (or the Smiths’ “Panic”) the same way after “Hang the DJ.” This heir apparent to The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits had no problem dispatching with lore and steps up to our second round. And in our other battle…

Marvel’s Jessica Jones


This one was another runaway. Krysten Ritter’s titular troubled superhero bulldozed her way past the latest incarnation of The Tick without so much as a courtesy spooooon. And with that the eternal debate between Marvel and DC continues as in the second round, Jessica Jones takes on…

Black Lightning


The latest addition to the CW’s DC stable (but as yet not part of the fabled Arrowverse) edged out a tough rival in Riverdale (or as Paul F. Tompkins called it, “That Archie and Jughead Murder Show.” So, which dark-edged deep cut superhero do you prefer. It’s time to vote!


Voting begins now, so head this way to Brackets Ninja to cast your ballot!

And if you haven’t yet voted in our first revealed set of second round match-ups, circle back and click below:

Family Comedy vs. Family Dramedy


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