What to Watch: 03/18/2018

There’s no such thing as March Sweeps, but there is a full Sunday of drama, comedy, and beyond. Take it away, editors!

The Last Man on Earth [Fox, 9:30p]
Todd and Tandy try to convince everyone that Karl is a total fucking creep who murders and eats people. Which is what I would worry about with every new person I met in the apocalypse. Jasper is, luckily, still “missing,” so at least Karl can’t turn the kid into a stew.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 8:30p]
That looming mob debt continues to bedevil Captain Holt, and now it’s become abundantly real as kingpin Seamus Murphy has threatened his boyfriend Kevin. We get both a hilarious thriller and more of Andre Braugher and Marc Evan Jackson giving us the most deadpan chemistry on television. Win win.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Everyone now knows of Carl’s fate, so the all out war is heating up. Also there’s a car chase involving Negan and Rick. And we soooo hope Negan learns what Simon did to the garbage people. Oh yeah … and zombies do stuff.



  • It’s got Alan Cumming as its lead, it was created by the force behind Royal Pains, it involves a quirkily mismatched detective team: what else do you need from a CBS crime drama. You’ve got Instinct and it debuts tonight at 8pm.
  • We’ll complete the Fox line-up with The Simpsons (and, no, Screen Scholars does not recognize that other show, and we’d say its name, but we truly don’t recognize it). Tonight, they totally “Simpsons Did It” themselves as Homer is wrongfully convicted as a thief.
  • There seems to be a renaissance of precocious kids doing precious stuff as Neil Patrick Harris hosts Genius Junior and Steve Harvey brings us Little Big Shots, both on NBC.
  • Stephen Colbert’s Our Cartoon President continues to hit too close to home as the media looks into animated Trump’s financial status on Showtime. All we can say is “Go Mueller!”
  • Also on Showtime, The Chi, the taut drama about an incident that binds the residents of a Chicago community has been almost criminally ignored. Its first season closes on an episode titled “Ease on Down the Road” (it won’t because it has already been renewed for season two).

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