March Madness: Crime-Solving Savants vs. Medical Dramas

In our next tourney, we pit Crime-Solving Savants against Medical Dramas. The Savant trope seems especially prevalent on over-the-air television. (Hey, we have the second spin-off for Sheldon Cooper!) Sometimes the savant saves lives instead of ending terrorism, which should make things interesting if we find Scorpion pitted against The Good Doctor (or even The Resident) in the finals. If we could get MacGuyver in scrubs then we’d be full circle.

MacGuyver, a reboot of Patty and Selma’s favorite show, blends a little of the military with the basic premise that a smart man can make anything explode with a little ingenuity. Scorpion is your retired parents’ favorite light-hearted crime show, with a stable of geniuses, poised to save the world with TNT and science. Both air on CBS.

The Alienist is a historical crime drama about three geniuses (well, two, plus one very daring woman with Courage Shoulders). The Librarians follows a group traveling through history, using action and smarts to overcome…evil?

Chicago Med is Chicago Hope for a new era, following stories from a Chicago hospital (with a tie in to NBC’s other Chicagoland programs: Chicago FireChicago Blue, and Chicago Justice). Grey’s Anatomy is the dramatic ER for our new era, as Meredith Grey and her colleagues save lives in Seattle.

The Good Doctor and The Resident are both about brilliant men entering the field of medicine. The Good Doctor took ratings by storm; The Resident is very new.


Voting begins now, so head this way to Brackets Ninja to cast your ballot!

And if this is your first go-around at voting in our brackets, check back into our previous five:

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