What to Watch: 03/17/2018

As Saturdays go, it’s a pretty active one on television–which is still pretty quiet. Bill Hader returns to his former home to yell about how he’s “Live From New York.” There’s also an exploration into one of the most bizarre and tragic sports stories of the past ten years. As an antidote to that, you can watch one of the craziest NCAA Tournaments in history as both a 16 seed and a 13 seed (our editor Jason’s alma mater) absolutely blew out teams who many had winning it all. And if March Madness has you all aflutter, come cast your vote in Screen Scholars’ version of it. Today’s voting starts with match-ups that set new shows which take place in the past against old shows which have been revived in the present. And it’s St. Patrick’s Day. So party like it’s the 4th Century and enjoy!


Aaron Hernandez: Uncovered [Oxygen, 7p]
An all-pro NFL tight end who was essentially a serial killer: as absurd as that sounds, it happened–in front of all of us. Oxygen looks into one of the craziest sports (and beyond) stories ever, looking into how Hernandez rose to glory before his violent, tangled past caught up with him.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Bill Hader returns to host. And The (? see promo) Arcade Fire play a few tunes on this week’s SNL. I just hope Stefon returns and that they somehow squeeze Arcade Fire into a skit.



  • Learn more about the universe while paying tribute to the life of one of the most astounding figures to exist in it (who sadly left us this week) as Discovery Channel airs Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking.
  • Tune into the channel where we all go to learn more about sex and love, CNN, tonight as one of the premier international reporters roams far and wide in a deep dive into affairs of the heart with Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World.
  • If you’re a fiend for Hallmark & Lifetime movies, both networks have new offerings for your devouring. Lifetime’s giving us Mommy’s Little Angel, while Hallmark’s dropping single is The Sweetest Heart.
  • And go Buffalo, Loyola, UMBC, and Marshall this weekend, as it’s the time when Cinderellas shine, as CBS, TBS, TNT, and Tru TV do all they can to calm March Madness.

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