March Madness: Spooky! vs. Superheroes

Our nation has plunged into a dark time, and we’re looking for Superheroes to save us, and something Spooky! to reflect our reality.





Lore, a podcast come to life (how modern!) on Amazon Prime, re-tells Aaron Mehnke’s creepiest stories. Black Mirror fore-tells our creepiest stories, analyzing our relationship with technology.




Ghosted is a comedy starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott as two dudes investigating the paranormal; one is a believer and one isn’t, so it’s like The X-Files with less women and more humor. Supernatural, CW’s long-running drama, is about two dudes (one used to not believe) examining the fantastical.




Riverdale is a dark take on the Archie comics. Black Lightning is an adaptation of the DC comic, following a man who returns to fighting crime after a short retirement. Both shows air on the CW, your premiere comic-adaptation network, with ensemble casts.




Jessica Jones is back for season two this month on Netflix. Easily the streaming Network’s darkest adaptation, Jessica is a whiskey-swilling badass. The Tick is also recently embarking on season two, for Amazon Prime. This is the hero’s second adaptation, though both contain more humor than most super shows.



Voting begins now, so head this way to Brackets Ninja to cast your ballot!

And if you haven’t already, please stop by and vote our other categories:

Family Comedy vs. Family Dramedy


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