March Madness: Dark Places vs. Workplace Comedy

Sometimes a Dark Place is funny. Sometimes a comedy is terribly dark. (My “Good Place” isn’t one where I never see my friends or family again.) Sometimes we work together diplomatically outside of the Work Place! We won’t hide our bias here: these are easily our eight favorite shows.


Atlanta, set in present-day Atlanta, is surreal, dark, artistic, and…better than The Wire.  Stranger Things is set in 1980s Indiana, plays to our love of childhood pop culture, and literally goes to a dark place via the Upside Down.


BoJack Horseman gets dark fast, via BoJack’s complicatedly dark emotions and feelings.  UnREAL focuses on the dark, seedy underbelly of reality television. Drugs, death, and deep inadequacy feature in both.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and High Maintenance are both set in New York City’s best borough, Brooklyn. And while The Guy is actively avoiding any confrontation with the Nine-Nine, both comedies have heart and feature people trying to do their best in a crazy world. BK99 however, has a team to fight crime and support each other, while The Guy works alone. (He does meet a lot of people, though.)

Corporate and The Good Place both take place in hell! Because Sartre was right: Hell is other people, and so it working for The Man.


Voting begins now, so head this way to Brackets Ninja to cast your ballot!

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