What to Watch: 03/12/2018

Time-traveling superheroes travel one year before “Rock Around the Clock” to try and save rock’n’roll, a trio of reluctant cons try their hand at smuggling, a businessman continues to try to evade his birthright ties to the Russian mob, while Valentine’s Day comes a bit late to Seattle’s urban zombie district, and a pair of reality show Machiavellis continue their spiraling into the depths of depravity. Typical Monday!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow [The CW, 8p]
The Legends save Rock and Roll in an effort to CTRL + Z a catastrophic event in Memphis, circa 1954.

McMafia [AMC, 10p]
As the corporate intrigue and backstabbing continue, Oksana learns a secret that could rock the family

iZombie [The CW, 9p]
Liv’s brain of the week has to last a couple weeks as tonight’s episode is the first half of a two-parter; this brain belongs to a sighing romantic and gets her all agog to “fix” Clive’s relationship. Meanwhile, the zombies are on the rise all ’round Puget Sound.



  • Everlasting’s first head bachelorette (at least first one we’ve seen) ignores Chet’s advice on womanly manner–and is there anyone who doesn’t think doing the opposite of anything Chet says is a good life plan? Meanwhile, the war of passive-aggressive wills rages between showrunner mentor and mentee, as Quinn and Rachel jockey for place as the third season of UnReal rages on Lifetime.
  • Beth, Ann, and Ruby’s bizarre con team centers in on smuggling this week on Good Girls on NBC.
  • This might be your last chance to peep Living Biblically, as ratings have been abysmal. You also may not want to, as critics have not been any kinder.
  • The folks at Food Network’s Ridiculous Cakes bake their magic for the San Diego Zoo, and we want to go to there!


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