What to Watch: 03/11/2018

It’s one of the most exciting sports days where the action mostly involves nobody playing an actual game. That’s not entirely true, as there will be basketball played all day, but today most of the local tournaments are done and it’s on to the big one–and deciding who gets to play. It’s also your chance to print out that work bracket so you can lose a Tubman or two–yes, we know President Orangina and his munchkin have dragged their feet on this, but we’re callin’ ’em Tubmans, as it should be. Btw, we Scholars are having our own version of March Madness by putting 68 currently airing or streaming shows against one another. Our “Selection Sunday” is a Tuesday–this Tuesday.

If your favored form of competition involves singing, the biggest show on earth comes back, and this time they have unearthed Lionel Richie (truly!!). There’s also a new crime drama from one of the TV’s most prolific producers, and a hell of a lot to hatewatch!

NCAA Basketball Championship Selection Show [TBS, 6p]
Ok, ok, I’m a bit biased because my college is in (see image) as an automatic bid for the third time in four years (and some are saying they could even be a cinderella). However, this is the part of the time when NCAA basketball is interesting–when the hopes of smaller colleges reign supreme, before it becomes Duke and UNC (or, this year, Virginia and Kansas, probably). Also, it’s a good warm-up for our own March Madness, that our editor Katherine M. Hill is at the helm of for the next few weeks.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
With Negan drawing lines in the sand, the big confrontation with Rick is closer than ever. And will Negan learn of Simon’s betrayal? What is Janis’ next move?



  • Tonight’s major network debut is a new crime hourly from producer Greg Berlanti and writer Chris Fedak of Chuck fame–remember Chuck. Where the hook at? Deception‘s is that lead actor Jack Cutmore-Scott solves cases with skills learned as a shady magician. Nifty … question mark? It’s on ABC…
  • …and it comes after the Season 2046th(?) premiere of American Idol. This year’s judges on the reigning singing competition are Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie (apparently, in this case, it WAS he they were looking for…and not just for ending a song sentence in a preposition).
  • HBO’s night consists of its star-studded progressives-create-a-Benetton-family Here and Now–Alan Ball’s show which has slowly improved following its initial meh reviews.
  • Showtime’s current Sunday night features a couple episodes of Our Cartoon President, followed by Homeland.
  • There are Hollywood Baldwins of all shapes and sizes, and one of them (Hailey) hosts tonight’s iHeartRadio Music Awards, the pop extravaganza that could give Luis Fonsi his revenge.
  • I wanted to throw in a cheap, Norm MacDonald-esque segue here, but I’ll merely hint at it obviously as unequivocally awful human being O.J. Simpson takes up Fox programming with the airing of a 2006 interview where the maybe-murderer, definite wife beater discussed his icky book–yes, that one. Although, it’s cool that the book was then bequeathed to the Goldmans to do with what they wish.
  • Timeless is still a thing on NBC, so good on them! The trio lives on to muck up timelines for a surprise second season.
  • Whoever is on titles on HGTV is either a genius or a foul demon. In any case, How Close Can I Beach? got our attention for better or for worse. Probably worse.

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