What to Watch: 03/05/2018

Mondays… {aggrieved grunt}

iZombie [The CW, 9p]
This episode of the cheeky Seattle zombie drama had me at “Liv eats a dowager’s brain.” The “well, i never” of it all will be beyond. Also, the episode title pokes fun at CBS mainstay crime drama Blue Bloods and any chance to take Tom Selleck’s moustache down a peg … well, we’ll take it.

Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
Oh, God, I am not strong enough for this. Last week’s pilot was great but scary, and the series promises more of that. So while I relish Christina Hendrick’s plan for getting rid of a body, I’m dreading it, too.

Star Wars Rebels [Disney, 8:30p]
Star Wars Rebels reaches its epic series conclusion tonight as the group has to face off against Thrawn, while Ezra confronts a greater evil.



  • On the unfortunately [wonderfully] named McMafia on AMC, Semiyon tries to mess with Vadim’s business.
  • The Scholars are always down with mural shenanegans, rarely down with Seth MacFarlane, so y’all can split the difference and decide for yourselves on tonight’s American Dad!–on TBS for a couple years now.
  • New leads and past secrets rule the day on tonight’s episode of TNT’s adaptation of Caleb Carr’s modern classicThe Alienist.
  • And, on UnREAL (the jewel in Lifetime’s crown) Hooray! A Chet episode–queeestion mark? Chet advises the new head bachelorette on what men want.

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