What to Watch: 03/04/2018

Ok, clearly today is a Scholars National Holiday as it’s the day after the Razzies and we’re all hung over by our Razzies parties where we dressed as various characters from The Emoji Movie. Also, we plan to watch tonight’s 90th Annual Academy Awards. However, here’s a few words on tonight’s television landscape. There’s actually quite a lot on. Also, keep an eye out for our editors’ thoughts on tonight’s awards, thoughtfully wrangled together by Katherine.

90th Annual Academy Awards [ABC, 8p]
Quietly screaming with terror and joy for my own personal Super Bowl.

Mike Tyson Mysteries [Adult Swim, 11:30p]
Ok, yeah, you got me, my pick is really the Oscars, but once they sort out the hysteria after Boss Baby‘s surprise win, check out this quirky animated show featuring the voice of the actual boxer as he, a child, a profane pigeon, and the ghost of 19th Century boxing innovator, the Marquiss of Queensbury, solve minor crimes.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Still struggling with the loss of Carl, the group heads to Hilltop to plan their revenge even as Simon take things into his own hands



  • With a temperament to match his most famous imitate-ee, Alec Baldwin is a logical, if scary, choice for a talk show, and keep tuned to ABC post-Oscars if you’d like to see a hint of this new program, titled Sundays with Alec Baldwin. Hyper-linked clip is from ABC’s morning show, Too Many Hosts.
  • Billy Graham is even more controversial in death than he was in life, but if you feel like celebrating his near-century of living, Fox is airing a hagiography in Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey.
  • Christine Baranski returns in the Scholars’ favorite streaming-only dramatic spin-off, The Good Fight on CBS All Access.
  • HBO’s Here and Now continues to build its multi-cultural family universe with an episode featuring Alan Ball’s famous and intricate shitload-of-plots style–one of the plots features Navid battling with the ideals of Islam.
  • Homeland‘s official synopsis (“Carrie follows a lead; Saul’s situation goes from bad to worse.”) is not particularly helpful, but its episode title “Like Bad At Things” is fun and intriguing. Way to go, Homeland.
  • Homeland‘s home channel, Showtime, also apparently offers two consecutive chances to catch Our Cartoon President as its Trump bumbles through an official meal with neighbor-to-the-north and Indian costume aficionado Justin Trudeau.

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