What to Watch: 03/01/2018

We wander back into two cities, one real, one famously fictional–both foreboding and dark. Donald Glover’s urban Georgia hip-hop universe is so stark and affecting, it’s hard to fathom that this is only its second go-around. On the other hand, the most current take on Batman feels as if it has gone on since the dawn of time (but that’s ok). We’ve also got some words for a pair of underrated sitcoms and three of the best (or at least most tolerable) reality competition programs going.

Atlanta [FX, 10p]
The long-awaited sophomore season of the FX hit is back, this time around titled “Atlanta Robbin Season” which gives us a sense that it will be a tad darker. We’ll see our fave cousins Earn and Alfred still navigating the music business with a focus on the inner workings of the Atlanta itself. I’m looking forward to all the elements that made Season One so great but with a lil more edge, and of course more fun. Oh and please move out of the storage unit, Earn!

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
The Toymaker continues his reign of terror as Lee and Nygma begin rebuilding the Narrows. Gotham abides!

Top Chef [Bravo, 9p]
The Chefs have to fly-fish their dinners. Gross.



  • It’s a video game hunt tonight, and the inevitable will happen as Amy and Jonah will be pushed together on a quest to find a copy of “Barbarian’s Gate” on NBC’s Superstore. The character-driven single-camera comedy earned a fourth season just last week.
  • Over on CBS, Jill’s refreshed return from a retreat leads to controversy on the steady-as-she-goes sitcom Mom.
  • Burning off two episodes on a night is rarely a good sign for a new show, but hopefully there’s an explanation for Mike O’Brien’s promising new comedy A.P. Bio starring Glenn Howerton as a beyond-accidental high school teacher and Patton Oswalt as his geeky boss.
  • A fun one-two punch of guest judges on Lifetime’s Project Runway All-Stars, as RuPaul and Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson join the panel … and it’s an avant-garde challenge to boot!
  • With a more coherent plot than Miami Connection–and just as many unlikely ninjas–American Ninja Warrior returns on USA, with a new twist as the combatants take up arms (nunchucks?) against each other.

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