What to Watch: 02/26/2018

While we here at the Scholars have a mixed level of love for the Winter Olympics, some of us can’t help but gasp with delight (while being somewhat fearful for our soon-to-be-overloaded DVRs). The floodgates open and the deluge is on.  There is an almost unreal number of options tonight for your televised pleasure, from good girls who do (rob banks) to ay, zombies who walk while dead without killing your beloved characters every week. Like the legends of tomorrow that we are … ok, we’ll stop. We like to think we’re above this level of punnery, but we’re truly not, so let’s just get started with our Scholar-ly Shows du Jour.

UnREAL [Lifetime, 10p]
The show where the real stars are the people behind the scenes is back! Last season we were left at a cliffhanger as Jeremy did the unthinkable to regain Rachel’s trust. We are all will they or won’t they at this point. Rachel shows signs of having a conscience after all–as season three begins we wait to see which side of her returns and if the soul of Rachel, and with it, the show itself, can be redeemed. On the brink of Everlasting facing cancellation, Quinn switches things up by bringing on the first ever ‘suitress” Serena. In the midst of #MeToo and #TimesUp this should be very interesting.

Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
Three moms in the suburbs–played by Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman [Ed.’s Note: Her?]–rob a grocery store out of desperation only to find themselves in hot water with a criminal gang. It looks great, but with a cast like this one it could smell like a trash fire and I would not miss it.

iZombie [The CW, 9p]
The fourth season’s return bears the Hank Williams, Jr.-esque “Are You Ready For Some Zombies?” and like a drunken NFL fan laced with Utopium, I respond with the most brodacious “yeah” or “woo” (and then certainly “braaaains”) and immediately feel bad about myself, because that’s who I am. The title is not a coincidence as Liv feasts on the brains of a Seahawks diehard, and as usual, the visions lead to some shocking clues. Meanwhile, it’s an undead party in the U.S.A. as zombies go mainstream and that’s not exactly good for our favorite walkers and pals.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow [The CW, 8p]
As the the legends continue searching for the Earth Totem, they find themselves going up against Blackbeard in 1717.



  • The world of quirky animated comedy may be crowded, but we’ll generally welcome a new angle, and TBS’ Final Space combines YouTube star Olan Rogers with the endorsement (and production) of Conan O’Brien and his decades of wondrously obtuse humor. In it, Gary and his unrequited crush, Mooncake, explore space to find its endpoint.
  • While Living Biblically, to our over-refined tastes, has a few strikes against it–on CBS, from a 2 Broke Girls writer, based on an Esquire editor’s true adventures–its premise of a down-on-his-luck fella attempts to live his life by the bible’s literal teachings piques our interest, if done with a My Name Is Earl-esque irreverent wink it, and we need to lighten up anyway. Frankly, we can be a bit of a pill, sometimes.
  • McMafia may sound like a wacky fish-sans-water comedy of a nouveau riche crime family trying to navigate its new found success. Despite our dreams of a Filthy Rich-reboot (check the hyperlink–it’s a Designing Women prequel by way of Green Acres), it’s a gritty British drama about a Russian mob boss trying to escape the life created by the screenwriter of Drive and the director of understated (and underrated) horror flick The Woman in Black.
  • From the world of the musically bizarre: the Bob Dylan semi-documentary Trouble No More chronicles the preeminent singer-songwriter’s gospel period as the 1970s turned to dust. It follows up its one-night-only theater run of November with airings on Cinemax, and features the world’s most haunted actor Michael Shannon delivering sermons penned by urban antrhopologist/poetic prose-ster Luc Sante. We’re hiding under our Scholar-ly beds already.

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