What to Watch: 02/25/2018

The Olympics reach their grand finale in Pyeongchang, South Korea, tonight; meanwhile, Mike O’Brien’s intriguing new edgy comedy featuring Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt returns for a second episode. We’re going to the serious left of the dial for a History Channel profile of the U.S.’s current best frenemy Vlad and an expose of the hate crimes lurking below our surface. There feels like there’s some major program we’re forgetting here–maybe the return of a polarizing drama portraying a brutal hellscape. Brad, any help?

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
We all saw what befell Carl in the midseason finale and we are all hoping it’s just a bad dream. I guess we will find out on tonight’s Spring premiere. Also, Negan prob kills some dudes.

Love and Hate Crime [ID, 8p]
The new series from iD looks at hate crimes in America and starts with a look at the 2015 murder of trans teen Mercedes Williamson. A preview has her murderer doing a jail cell confession wherein the asshole says he’d trade places with Williamson because he’s comfortable with his relationship with God, but he doesn’t know about Williamson, who “is in hell.” Hey man, that’s not how the New Testament works.

America’s Greatest Threat: Vladimir Putin [History, 9p]
This recommendation might go best to the most powerful of the roughly 321 million Americans who do not read our site, as, while you wouldn’t think he would need to be reminded. It’s also certainly a well-made examination of the perils of power and the evil that men do.



  • In case you missed it, NBC’s newest comedy provocateur, A.P. Bio, is brought to you by the talented ex-SNL alum Mike O’Brien who created this classic digital short which featured Counterpart star J.K. Simmons in the role he was made to play, Nas. It returns tonight with Glenn Howerton’s Jack in “Teacher Jail.”
  • Counterpart, for that matter, also has a new episode on Starz, where the crew confronts its suspicion about a recent death.
  • If you need some reminders of just how evil Negan is, or want to vent about the latest s^&* Negan said, AMC has got your back, with a replay of the mid-season finale at 8, and that couch show with Chris Hardwick at 10. We so miss @Midnight
  • Which reminds us, The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale on Netflix features McHale making fun of goofy reality clips while celebrities pop in front of a green screen with him to spout non-sequitirs. In other words, Talk Soup is back.
  • The world’s most explosive will-they-or-won’t-they will be answered as the 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony unfolds in all its glory tonight in South Korea.

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