Photo: Intrepid Pictures

Catching Up: Yes I Only Just Saw Gerald’s Game

I can’t be the only one who’s been on the lookout for a genuine movie scare. Sure there have been others; I’ve been startled, fairly grossed out, maybe verified I’m home alone a few times. But those were cheap thrills, flings, paramours!

Having gone in with low expectations tbh, I will now set unbearably high standards for anything else deigning to call itself horror. Contrary to what the movie poster would have you believe, this is more than a wife-realizes-hubby-is-a-monster thriller.

That is part of it but, wait, there’s more! Do your due diligence and watch the trailer (above), maybe read the IMDB description, “well that doesn’t look so bad,” you might mumble to yourself. There’s still surprises left. Halfway through the movie I realized I was recreating an iconic deer in headlights and not breathing: anxiety better than I could have dreamed of.

I hate to set your expectations TOO high, so to balance my glowing review I will say hey, it’s a straight to Netflix movie. Enjoy!

It clocks in at an hour and 43 minutes, so consider ordering takeout before settling in.


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