What to Watch: 02/19/2018

Humble dogs, megalomaniac cult leaders, and rebel scum lead our suggestions for this Presidents Day, as we pay tribute to great leaders and whatever it is we have in the Oval Office now (pretty sure it’s just a pile of stained shirts with an order of Arby’s Beef’n’Cheddars on top of it).


Star Wars Rebels [Disney, 9p]
The Ghost’s crew infiltrates an empirical headquarters as the final season of Star Wars Rebels races to its conclusion.

Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil [A&E, 9p]
A two-hour in-depth look at cult leader, his methods, and how he controlled the Fundamental Latter Day Saints from prison doesn’t sound like a good time, but this well researched doc seems worth it! (And you can stay in his compound now, it’s an AirBnB lead by escapees!)

2018 American Rescue Dog Show [Hallmark, 8p]
Now, this is not an indictment of the snootiness of Westminster, nor is it a protest of dog breeding, which can often go off the rails, but it’s about time the average American mutt got a pageant. You can be sure that Trixie the Puggle and I are opening a big box of treats and chillin’ on the couch and munching that chow down as we root on the pup with the coolest underdog story.



  • In a fitting Presidents Day reminder of how fragile our civil rights are today, HBO is airing Katie Davis’ Academy Award nominated documentary short Traffic Stop, about the violent arrest of Austin, Texas, schoolteacher Breaion King.
  • Shades of Source Code on The CW tonight (only wacky) as on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, as the crew tries to figure out how to escape a time loop that eternally ends with the Waverider blowing up.
  • Ridiculous Cakes is surely an early ’90s K Records band, but it’s also a jaunty Food Network program and tonight’s episode is a perfect pairing with the dog show as famed dog photog William Wegman is feted with a cake version of a pup dressed as Marie Antoinette.
  • Five episodes in and the synopsis for tonight’s The Alienist on TNT reads “the team learns more about the killer.” Oh, is it like that one episode of Superfriends where they team up to fight the bad guys? We kid because we … well, not love, but it’s i-ight.

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