What to Watch: 02/18/2018

A whole bevy of returns of multiple macks. We’ve got the one-time king of funny TV clips coming home after a six year (and maybe a movie) stint at a community college for some streets ahead commentary. Our favorite Brit comes back to dive deep into a host of issues and none too soon–we mean, it’s not as if the world is falling apart or anything. Sharks are sensing blood in the water, Peetes are getting met, hearts are calling, and our cartoonish president is still doing what he do (mostly gaslighting). And, of course, the greatest athletes of our time continue to play in the snow. It’s February.

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale [Netflix]
For those of us who miss when Joel McHale hosted The Souphis new weekly Netflix show may be just what we need. Interviews, skits and other attempts at comedy abound.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver [HBO, 11:30p]
Trump has disrupted many things, not least of which is the focus of John Oliver’s show. It’s frustrating, because while he’s one of the better voices against Mr. Bigly’s nonsense, his show became appointment viewing for its deep dives into the seemingly mundane issues which tore apart people’s lives, like bail bonds and patent trolls. He’s promised a reset–one where even when he digs into 45, it’s for even more specific foibles.

Shark Tank [ABC, 10p]
If you’re interested in ruthless ambition, but not–for some reason–athleticism, than Shark Tank has success (and one assumes, failure) in a neat one-hour package. Tonight the entrepreneurs pitch messless egg decoration and reusable tape.



  • If you want a hint as to how subtly subversive comedian Jena Friedman can be, here’s her brilliant bit on Nazis and sexism. Now imagine her on a kept-under-wraps show on the network of Tim & Eric and Too Many Cooks and following a new show by Eric Andre, perhaps the least subtle subversive, and you understand our gentle giddiness for Adult Swim’s Soft Focus with Jena Friedman.
  • And, that new show for Man Seeking Woman‘s Andre is called Eric Andre Does Paris, and if you’ve ever seen his original Adult Swim talk(?) show The Eric Andre Show you might have some idea what to expect, but really who the feck knows? This also has no trailer or promotional info, so feel free to say we didn’t warn you, because we don’t even know anymore.
  • Back to more conventional content, ex-NFL quarterback Rodney Peete and his wife, original 21 Jump Street actress Holly Robinson-Peete have bucked the trend of celebrity coupling, and more than two decades after being the “it” couple, they still apparently have such a Hallmark marriage that they are flaunting their flow on a reality show on the Hallmark Channel. It’s called Meet the Peetes and unsurprisingly there is a trailer and equally not shocking, there is an “awwwwww” within a few seconds of it.
  • Speaking of Hallmark, their serial version of one of their movies, When Calls the Heart returns for a fifth (really!) season tonight. Good for fictional heroine Elixabeth (really!) Thatcher.
  • It’s a good night for liberals on not television, HBO, as along with John Oliver’s return, we have the second installment of Alan Ball’s chronicle of the multi-cultural Bayer-Boatwright family, Here and Now, featuring Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter, and Stephen Colbert’s Our Cartoon President. Neither started with wonderful reviews, but given the star power, we’ll stick with ’em (or prepare to put them in an upcoming feature called something like “Great Casts–How Did It Fail?!?”). Tonight, cartoon Trump tries to reverse all of Obama’s accomplishments. Ah, fiction.
  • The 2018 Winter Olympics continue unabated on NBC, and there’s almost every kinda event, but don’t talk to us about anything else but curling!

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