What to Watch: 02/13/2018

We’re headfirst into the center of the Winter Olympics: on the main stage today we’ve got ice, ice, and more ice–whether that means dancing on it, achieving gymnastics on it, hitting a hard sphere into a net with weirdly shaped sticks, or sliding down it on your back whether alone or in pairs. If you want more than ice, we’ve got that too, with our usual superheroes, soused storytellers, reunions, and comedies both traditional and absurd.

Drunk History [Comedy, 10p]
I would have picked Another Period (long live satire as obsessed with the General Slocum as I am!) [Ed.s Note: we’ll get to that] but tonight Abbi Jacobson, Josh Charles, Amber Tamblyn, Jane Krakowski and Jillian Bell tell the story of Margaret Fucking Sanger. The Kinsey Scale and Gloria Steinem at the Playboy Club are also covered!

Black Lightning [The CW, 9p]
Jefferson Pierce investigates the murder of his father as Black Lightning continues his fight against the 100.

We’ll Meet Again [PBS, 9p]
Ok, so I partly was drawn to this show about the reunion of people who met in various ways on 9/11 because it references a song most associated with Vera Lynn, who with the death of Vic Damone became the living person with the oldest #1 hit. However, this PBS docu-series promises compelling stories from a day where no one who was anywhere near NYC or DC will forget where they were or the heroes they met.



  • Chip Baskets, California’s saddest clown, continues to struggle in the Bakersfield sun, while making his comedy even less accessible on tonight’s Baskets on FX
  • As much as we try to escape the ice, it keeps dragging us back in, as Edie goes undercover as her kids’ hockey coach on TBS’ The Detour.
  • We must always keep our promises to Katherine. Another Period sounds particularly corking tonight as the turn-of-the-century gang-of-many-quirks goes on a boating adventure. It’s a Comedy Central joint.

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