What to Watch: 02/11/2018

If you need a little more February in your life, it’s all songs of snow and ice at the Olympics tonight, with snowboarding and figure skating (Gillooly-free for over 20 years) on the menu. Thankfully, if you desire other options, while the networks are quiet, Showtime and HBO are going full bore forward with new programming. There’s also a preview of the next season of that most polarizing zombie show on television.

Here and Now [HBO, 9p]
While the early reviews are a bit tepid on his drama about a progressive couple and their multi-racial adopted children, Alan Ball has a track record which speaks for itself. In case it doesn’t, he’s the mind behind American BeautySix Feet UnderTrue Blood, and many other screen obsessions. His shows can be a slow burn, and with a cast led by Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter (probably obvious which roles), it deserves a chance.

Our Cartoon President [Showtime, 8p]
He’s certainly is cartoonishly ridiculous, but like this president himself, even the parodies can be exhausting. In any case, this animated Trump satire comes from Stephen Colbert, so there’s that. And Crashing‘s Zach Cherry is pretty on point for the voice of Ben Carson.

2018 Winter Olympics [NBC]
Tonight it’s figure skating with a side of snowboarding.



  • In the alternate universe of Homeland‘s seventh season, the new U.S. president has no foreign policy experience and immigrants are under attack. Thankfully that could never happen here, but that’s where the Showtime show’s fictional world stands as Saul is detained, President Keane eases into office, and Carrie Mathieson, still crazy after all these seasons, is living with her sister.
  • It’s not a new episode, but there’s a sneak preview of the second half of the eighth season of The Walking Dead on tonight at 8:08 (freaky!). There will surely be a lot of things on fire (but that’s just our predicition).
  • The conspiracy widens around J.K. Simmons’ spy Howard Silk on Starz’ Counterpart.
  • Tonight’s Crashing sounds like a lark (beyond Pete Holmes’ usual Pete-ness) as Pete’s pal Ali returns for a dizzying tour of NYC’s nighttime alt-comedy scene. Fun fact: Ali is played by Pete’s longago girlfriend Jamie Lee, but the character is actually a composite of friends Pete had in his early comedy days.

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