What to Watch: 02/08/2018

It’s the Year of Leslie Jones, as all eyes are watching as she heads to PyeongChang, South Korea, as the best representation of what’s good about this country at a time when so much seems bleak. Oh, yes, there’s also apparently a lot of (other?) elite athletes trying their skills. We’re definitely in for curling and that weird biathlon that combines skiing and shooting at things. At first glance, the Olympics are eclipsing most regular programming, and many shows even go dark rather than risk competing against the five-ring ratings-suck. However, in the age of DVR, like pizza on a bagel, we can have shows all the time, but if you want some appointments, we’ve got ideas. Anytime Jeff Goldblum‘s on TV, we have ideas. We’re leading with the Winter Olympics anyway, of course.

QUICK NOTE: It’s a testament to how awful and pervasive sexual harassment and worse is in society that unintentionally there are at least three people who have been named in the #MeToo movement at least tangentially appearing in hyperlinks, so we apologize there.

2018 Winter Olympics [NBC, 8p]
Freestyle and figure skating for two solid hours. None of the drama of I, Tonya, but probably more grace. (Sorry, Tonya.)

Portlandia [IFC, 10p]
As the final season continues we finally learn how Nina and Lance met! Keep IFC channel weird. Also Jeff Goldblum!



  • If you didn’t know, Michael Emerson has joined the CW’s underrated superhero series Arrow as, his forte, a villain (although less ambiguously so than his most famous role). Also, the episode’s title is “The Devil’s Greatest Trick.” We love that! Thanks, Arrow Soze. However, no Jeff Goldblum.
  • Shonda Rhimes isn’t afraid of any Olympics (nor, presumably, any ghosts…GRAMMAR!). Shondaland rides on on ABC as Scandal features Olivia Pope at her most scheming-est, and How to Get Away with Murder is class action lawsuiting (BAD GRAMMAR!). Jeff Goldblum is nowhere to be found.
  • Some oddball sports are trying their hand against the international Olympics juggernaut. BBC America airs another episode of Thursday Night Darts while Disney (of all places) offers the excitement of people pretending to play football on Madden NFL 18 Ultimate League. No word yet if Jeff Goldblum will be appearing on either program.
  • Lifetime is running all kinds of Project Runway All-Stars tonight if you’re looking for some design wars. What, no Goldblum? For shame!

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