What to Watch: 02/04/2018

There’s a distinct lack of new programming and the screen scholars here at Screen Scholars have put our heads together and can’t quite come up with any particular reason. Oh well, it will likely remain a mystery as we’re all planning to hone in on our particular choice and otherwise take long restorative naps. We’ll likely never know the reason.

Puppy Bowl XIII [Animal Planet, 3p]
Everyone keeps asking me if I’ll watch the Big Game, to which I tilt my head curiously, do a little whirl then anxiously yell at a ball underneath my sofa. Cuteness abounds as the Beagles take on the, oh, let’s say, Pittie-riots as they chase a ball on a string to try to win the “Lombarky” Trophy while often retreating to their water bowls, which are no doubt pretty super. One past competitor was named Jennifer Paw-rence and it’s also a pretty wonderful forum for animal adoption.

Crashing [HBO, 10:30p]
Our pal Pete Holmes keeps on titularly crashing, in both meanings of the term.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Disney, 10p]
Come down from the Super Bowl and the tacky commercials with the 1937 classic. [Ed.’s Note: we’re not sure what this “Super Bowl” of which you speak is and in any case we’re trying to keep to our bit]



  • The eternal debate to avoid Ghostbusters style mass hysteria rages on as Hallmark brings its cuteness overload in the form of baby cats for this year’s Kitten Bowl V.
  • After the games, America’s official weepfest This Is Us airs on NBC: check out the promo on the hyperlink and maybe soon people can stop protesting a certain company.
  • And that’s all for us on games, presuming that Bud Bowl does not make a surprise comeback. Our money would be on Lime-a-Rita (but let’s stress none of us would ever spend ACTUAL money on it).

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