What to Watch: 02/02/2018

It’s not that often that a work of fiction can fundamentally alter the way we perceive a tradition. Since 1993, at least one editor here has often forgotten that February 2nd wasn’t always synonymous with becoming stuck in a time loop. Fun fact: Harold Ramis has stated that the original concept for Groundhog Day was that Bill Murray’s cranky weatherman Phil Connors was trapped in his repeating day vortex for 10000 years (approx 3,700,000 iterations of the same events). As for its original meaning, leading rodent shadow experts Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck disagreed this year, so it’s a good day to either celebrate or huddle indoors and there’s an almost unfathomable amount of promising-to-great stuff on tonight. Maybe it’s the perfect time to be stuck in a 10k year daily skip just to catch up.

2 Dope Queens [HBO, 11:30p]
Finally, the world will be privy to what I have be able to experience the past two years as a Brooklynite: the combined comic genius of Jessica Williams (The Daily Show) and Phoebe Robinson (Broad City). Now HBO will bring the hilarious antics from their podcast 2 Dope Queens to the national stage in the form of four comedy specials premiering tonight. Directed by none other than Tig Notaro, the series boasts conversations about everything from pizza to cocoa butter with guest stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Stewart and more alongside performances by other stand ups. Can anyone say #YQY?!

Altered Carbon [Netflix]
Altered carbon–in the future our consciousness can be downloaded to various bodies called “sleeves.” A violent mercenary finds himself in trouble when he wakes up 250 years after his sleeve is killed. Will he serve the rest of his life in prison or solve the murder of the richest man in the world?

This Is Not Happening [Comedy, 12a]
Not sure why Ari Shaffir is leaving his own creation, but his hit-or-miss, but captivating when it hits, long-form storytelling comedy showcase (at an L.A. strip club for some reason) carries on, and even better, with The Daily Show‘s Roy Wood, Jr., hosting.

My Lottery Dream Home [HGTV, 9p]
On the one hand, I can’t believe this is a series–are there enough winners for that? And if so, when will I win? On the other hand … this man won $65,000, “unwittingly,” allowing his family of seven to move out of their TWO BEDROOM HOUSE.

The man is not Jim Gaffigan.



  • Mysterious returns continue to be a popular choice for brooding dramas, and Amazon Prime’s Absentia features Stana Katic (Castle) as a once disappeared FBI Agent whose re-emergence in a cabin leads to complications including a husband who has moved on to the tune of a new spouse, not to mention the conviction of the alleged serial killer she had been tracking. Avril Lavigne had one thing right!
  • Oh, Snoop Dogg–is there anything you can’t do. Hot on the heels of chilling with ex-felon Martha Stewart to craft and cook, the hip-hop legend stars in a new reality series on Netflix called Coach Snoop, where he helms a youth football league.
  • Yay, Dr. Akopian (played with fantabulous exasperation by Michael Hyatt) is back on this week’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend and of course she is none too happy about Rebecca’s latest antics, which are led by her affair with new obsession–troubled boss Nathaniel. It’s the CW, Bunch-heads!
  • Showtime unveils The Trade, its five-part docu-series about the opiate crisis tonight, created by Matthew Heineman (the stunning Cartel Land) who was supposed to be joined by Super Size Me provocateur Morgan Spurlock until the latter self-identified as a sexual harassment offender.
  • Speaking of which, PBS debuts its own five-part documentary #MeToo, Now What which looks into what needs to happen next regarding fixing our society’s gender discrimination and sexual assault epidemic.
  • If you just want to spend the day watching Groundhog Day, Starz Encore has your back with a marathon that repeats til midnight. And let’s end on that hella meta note.


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