What to Watch: 02/01/2018

It’s The Good Place night for the last time for a long while, and although all of us scholars of screens are sad and some of us ready to take actions that would cost massive points in our Good Place/Bad Place standings, it’s exciting to see where this show that burns through more than an arc an episode winds up at the end of two seasons.

Previously on The Good Place, after an audience with Judge Maya Rudolph, only one of our four wanderers passed their test (spoiler: it wasn’t Chidi, who took 82 minutes to choose a hat), but that was enough for their pact to doom the whole crew to an eternity of butthole spiders or Nickelback concerts or whatever Adam Scott and the crew have in store. However, (and of course) Michael and non-Bad Janet swooped in just before the credits rolled and here we are. Oh, there’s some other worthwhile television too, but we’re a bit distracted.


The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
Michael tries to get the gang into the Good Place in the season finale.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
What more is there to say!

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]



  • NBC previews its Glenn Howerton/Patton Oswalt vehicle A.P. Bio tonight, as Howerton plays a wannabe professor who reluctantly takes a gig teaching high school biology. Oswalt is the frazzled principal and Lyric Lewis, teller of the greatest Drunk History tale ever, also co-stars, so that’s cool cool cool, tight tight tight.
  • Ok, so I guess we’re going old school appointment tv days, back to the time when families circled around the crackling TV and left one channel on for the night — or we just like the whole NBC line-up tonight as it should be a classic America Ferrera episode on Superstore as her newly divorced Amy starts dating.
  • ESPN debuts its latest episode of 30 For 30, this one examining two Superb Owl-winning coaches named Bill (Belichick and Parcells), one of whom will be busy (yet again, sigh) this coming Sunday.
  • If you’re more excited for Sunday’s match between canines than the match of Country Loyalist Humans v. Soaring Birds, Animal Planet is all about the preparation for the Puppy Bowl today, with related programs all through prime time. But Hallmark Channel, why no Kitten Bowl previews? The MSM bias strikes again!
  • Finally, BBC America presents Premier League Darts on Tuesday Night Darts, because, why not?!

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