What to Watch: 01/31/2018

Murder’s on our mind here at Screen Scholars — perhaps it’s mood matching with the depths of winter, or maybe it’s just the bleak-seeking nature of modern TV. In any case, almost this whole feature involves murder — this may even be the week Alec Baldwin goes crazy (more so) and blanks Jack McBrayer, Jason Biggs, and the whole Match Game panel.

Law & Order: SVU [NBC, 9p]
Well, this could be fraught (especially coming on the heels of last nights divide-fest), but tonight the longest running drama on the set tackles politics as the Special Victims Unit looks into a crime against a pundit at a protest. Ripped from the headlines, indeed.

Homicide Hunter [ID, 9p]
Lt. Kenda’s dry wit and steely gaze retell the successful investigation of a young man murdered during a card game.



  • The killing of tycoon Lee Miglin tonight seems random at first on American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, but soon will be clearly part of the serial killer Andrew Cunanan’s spree that will sadly eventually reach our titular designer on the second season of the ABC crime anthology.
  • “Chic helps Betty deal with her inner darkness” is not something I’d ever expect written about an Archie-based show, but here we are in The CW’s Riverdale. Many profess to love it, although, again, like Paul F. Tompkins, we don’t fully get “that Archie-Jughead murder show.”
  • Match Game keeps on keepin’ on, and not much besides the celebrity panel has changed in the 2010s ABC version of the durable quiz show has changed, and even though we don’t have the late Charles Nelson Reilly, we do have a host who aped him scrumtrulescently on SNL in Alec Baldwin. It’s still a blankful of guilty-pleasure fun — and that theme song, tho!
  • Zoey has a dilemma on national television on Freeform’s Grown-ish, the critically acclaimed spin-off of the critically acclaimed Black-ish, and we’re exhausted typing that, so we’re out.

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