What to Watch: 01/30/2018

You could watch the world’s orangest guy saying words like “tremendous” and “bigly” with alarming frequency, and become more and more angry at one side or another, or you can cool off January-style with a surprisingly rich schedule of action and comedy. There’s an Evan episode of Fresh Off the Boat, and isn’t that the perfect antidote for the yelling man.

Fresh Off the Boat [ABC, 8p]
A full hour of the Huangs to soothe you before Trump nukes us all in his annual address.

Black Lightning [The CW, 9p]
Jefferson Pierce continues his fight against the 100 gang and his daughters continue to come into their own.

Baskets [FX, 10p]
Television’s most ethereal program lists tonight’s plot as “Christine eats a banana.” The title implies a quest to find Chip Baskets’ ex-boss and former rodeo owner Eddie. Some shows are best viewed not knowing where it may be going. This is one of those shows.



  • Intoxicated minds speak on “Dangerous Minds” on tonight’s Drunk History on Comedy Central. Taran Killam, Jerry O’Connell, and Bob Odenkirk join the repertory crew tonight for tales involving jet propulsion, Rasputin, and the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Whether you’re part of that demographic who spouts “I watch the ‘Big Game’ for the commercials” or not, you may enjoy tonight’s Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2018 hosted by Daniela Rush and Boomer Esiason. It’s on CBSssssssss.
  • If you absolutely must watch tonight’s historic(?) moment, there’s at least three Democratic rebuttals outside our ebbing hope. Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-RI) (in case there’s any doubt, yes, of those Kennedys) delivers the official response. Bernie Sanders will of course have his thought about President Millionaire or Billionaire, and those will be streaming online. Aaand there’s many more (who says the Dems don’t have a message — oh, you mean a coherent one).
  • Of course the most anticipated refutation of tonight’s … words … will almost surely come on ABC when Jimmy Kimmel Live! welcomes porn star and famed presidential magazine spanker Stormy Daniels to offer her [insert embarrassing pun here, be offensive as you deem fit].

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