What to Watch: 01/28/2018

Look at those happy island lifers — blissfully unaware that this is one of those Sunday nights when one event is sucking all the oxygen out of the TV universe. Of course, I’m talking about the NFL Pro Bowl, the most respected and beloved night of the sports world. Oh, also apparently a bunch of musicians will be passing out trophies to one another and probably to Bono. Now, let’s cut to Pete Holmes standing between two very different landscapes as a hint to our suggested viewing.

Island Life [HGTV, 10p]
There isn’t a lot on tonight–the Grammys are on instead–but a couple who married on South Bass Island have decided to move there, so.

Crashing [HBO, 10:30p]
Couch surfing comedian Pete Holmes ends up in the house of grouchy Everyman Bill Burr. Can Pete deal with Bill family? Tune in to Crashing to find out.

Waco: Madman or Messiah [A&E, 9p]
If you’re looking for a documentary pairing to go with the Taylor Kitsch/Michael Shannon mini-series adaptation of the events of the Branch Davidian raid, A&E’s got your back.



  • Positively charged ion of enthused comedy James Corden, with all his Carpool Karaokein’ goodness, is about as on the nose as a sucker punch to host the 60th Annual Grammy Awards on CBS. This year’s edition promises performances and/or appearances from a swath of rock history from septuagenarian wizard and soon-to-be retiree Elton John to last year’s stripper-cum-hot new thing Cardi B. And inevitably U2.
  • Yep, the NFL Pro Bowl happens tonight in Orlando and in the ol’ if you can’t say anything nice about something tradition, that’s all we got to say about that, except that it’s on ESPN and starts pretty early.

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