What to Watch: 01/24/2018

The cliched cliche right now on screen is that we are in Peak TV; however, that is a bit of a misnomer as it implies we are thrusting our hips out, arms akimbo as we jab our country’s colors into the tippiest of tops of the mountain, when the likelihood is we are currently on a bluff in whiteout conditions with no idea of the distance from the top. Anyway, today is a prime example of the expanding television landscape as some of our prime choices come from stations most people have never even heard of, like Freeform and Pop and Paramount. The latter is offering an old-school epic mini-series about the 1993 government raid of the Branch Dividian compound. In fact, the 1990s are so in vogue that even a show that wears its 1980s heart on its batwing sleeve is tonight giving a fast-forward peek into the next decade to set up a spin-off. Hopefully, this one does better than when That ’70s Show tried a similar move.

Waco [Paramount, 10p]
Paramount’s first big leap under its new name is an arching mini-series about the 1993 standoff in Waco, an epic featuring an impressive cast, including two-time Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights‘ Riggins) as egomaniacal cult leader David Koresh.

The Goldbergs [ABC, 8p]
America’s favorite ‘80s family visits the ‘90s, as that oft-fabled spin-off inches closer to becoming a reality.

Schitt’s Creek [Pop, 8p]
The hijinks of the Schitt family are back as season 4 debuts. Moira finds a dead body in the hotel. Hilarity no doubt ensues.



  • Speaking of hilarity and hijinks, the Pop network pairs Schitt’s Creek tonight with Let’s Get Physical, a new half-hour comedy starring Matt Jones (Breaking Bad‘s hapless small-time con Badger) as a hapless small-time non-con who needs to make his out-of-shape body talk in order to inherit his father’s fitness fortune. And, yes, that song has already made an appearance.
  • Riverdale creates a new holiday tonight (Picken’s Day) as Jughead learns some dark secrets about the town, Betty uncovers a sinister side of her brother, Archie tries out for the wrestling team — which at first seems more in line with the original comic book, but, no, there’s ulterior motives there too, as it’s to earn Hiram’s favor. Maybe the D-story of Veronica and Josie battling for who has the best Picken’s Day performance will provide good old-fashioned silly mishaps — or, more likely, a corpse, as it is the CW.
  • Tonight’s Grown-ish (on Freeform) takes its episode title from a classic Wu-Tang track, as Zoey meets a celebrity on the rise.

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