What to Watch: 01/19/2018

After last week’s supercharged Friday of many debuts, this Friday reverts back to relatively normal, but with a couple gigantic returns, each focusing on different stages of life — but both likely to feature something mind-altering and green, albeit one a bit more than the other.

Grace & Frankie [Netflix]
The show that proves that friendship and sarcasm just get better with age returns tonight for the 4th installment. In this season of Grace & Frankie the ladies confront the downsides of aging while their husbands give an open relationship a whirl. With Lisa Kudrow joining the cast as Grace’s manicurist you can bet there will be tons of shenanigans in store.

High Maintenance [HBO, 11p]
Details on the second season of High Maintenance are surprisingly hard to find on its ancestral home (the internet), but the chronicles of Ben Sinclair’s intrepid weed dealer as he enters the stories of the lives of his various customers are sure to envelope and enchant. As with individual highs, ever episode has a different atmosphere and effect.

Hawaii Five-O [CBS, 9p]
Philip Phillips guest stars as a gem smuggler who exhumes the corpse of a one-time peer. in his ruthless pursuit for blood diamonds.

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