What to Watch: 01/18/2018

Portland quirks and a journey to the center of Hell highlight tonight’s menu of televised goodness (and evilness). Also, a new network (Paramount) emerges from the ashes of a testosterone-fueled juggernaut(?) torn down by a social media department that at least seem to have a sense of humor about its departing channel’s shortcomings.

Portlandia [IFC, 10p]
Over the years we’ve all fallen in love with Fred and Carrie and the wild assortment of characters but it’s time to say goodbye as the last season of Portlandia starts tonight.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
The fabulous five make a break for it–but where? We know Mindy St. Clair is not up to hosting the gang. Is there anywhere to go beyond The Medium Place?

Lip Sync Battle [Paramount, 9p]
The station formerly known as Spike TV unveils its new style with an episode of Lip Sync Battle that does tribute to Michael Jackson, including Cirque du Soleil’s tribute to Mr. King of Pop. This could be an absolute disaster, but, if so, promises to be a spectacular one.



  • NBC’s Superstore continues to prove that a basic sitcom can still shine when the creators thoughtfully forge characters. The endearing comedy persists as Cheyenne tries to wriggle out of acting as boss Glenn’s surrogate and the gang creates a pro- and con- list about the box store’s potential upgrade to “quadruple a” status.
  • Speaking of somewhat slight, yet smart and enchanting sitcoms which have lasted longer than most could predict, Life in Pieces carries on, also on NBC. Tonight it’s bringing music, beer, and awkwardness — a.k.a. vital pieces of life.
  • Meanwhile, as Will & Grace is indisputably a sitcom classic, it returns to a classic sitcom setting, weddings, as Will tries to weather his ex-boyfriend’s nuptials, and Jack, what else, hooks up awkwardly. We always cry at wedding … parodies (which come to think of it, kinda misses the point).
  • BET dances on the edge of a sword with the new game show Black Card Revoked, hosted by Tony Rock, that looks to bring the party game to life.

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