What to Watch: 01/09/2018

It’s the usual Tuesday with an abundance of sitcoms (albeit quality ones), with a new high school reality show that could be a fascinating sociological study or an exploitative mess (or both) and a final episode in the saga as a spin-off crime show finally comes to a close.

Undercover High [A&E, 10p]
About 15 years ago, Fox launched the excellent docu-series American High chronicling high school life in America. It had the one quality that’s fatal for reality television: reality! It wound up dying after four critically acclaimed episodes, and reincarnating on PBS. This A&E series has a slightly different twist. Undercover High thrusts young-looking 20-somethings back into a Topeka, Kansas, school and see what new insights they learn. Could be a disaster, but it’s an intriguing experiment.

LA To Vegas [ABC, 9p]
The crew must keep passengers at ease in light of the discovery that one of the passengers is dead.



  • Everyone’s favorite tear producer This Is Us returns on NBC as the sibling trio pulls even tighter together — if you can even stand it.
  • The more established how-to reality series about childhood, I Am Jazz, continues its second season on TLC.
  • Bravo goes over-the-top (as Bravo do) for its social experimentation. Stripped is five episodes into its test of wills, as we see what ordinary people do when their possessions are torn away — and they get naked for some reason.
  • The Adventures of Rusty & Pals (aka Major Crimes aka The Closer, Part Deux) ends its four-parter (and its existence in toto) on TNT with Tao battling a bomb as a regular villain makes his final stand. Who gets custody of Rusty?
  • On ABC’s Black-ish, Dre’s mom, talks to his sister and him about the touchiest of subjects — their inheritance.


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