What to Watch: 01/04/2018

There’s a ton of new programming dropping tonight, including the returns of many Screen Scholars favorites and a new talent show; however, as far as we’re concerned there is just one appointment to be made tonight, and that’s with the twisty-turny diabolically celestial comedy of so-so-many errors: The Good Place. We’ll start off with Katherine’s understated take.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
The quirky show returns tonight when Michael gets a … surprise visitor.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
I have so many theories on where this program will go next — I’m sure every one of them is wrong (but maybe they all ARE robots!).



  • Here comes the new reality talent competition: is it the same as the old? We’ll see. The new Fox series The Four: Battle For Stardom features celebrity judging by DJ Khaled, Sean (nee Puff Daddy) Combs, Charlie Walk, and Meghan Trainor, with hosting duties by Fergie. Its requisite twist, should you choose to accept, is that there are four champs who try to hold their ground against weekly challengers. L’chaim!
  • The return of NBC’s vastly underrated Superstore is anchored by the inspired pairing of a Dina & Cheyenne misadventure team. The other arcs are the more likely twosomes of Amy & Jonah and Glenn & Mateo.
  • Nashville returns for a second season on CMT, sixth season overall. As we peek back in, Juliette is aiming to recover from a public meltdown, while Maddie meets a pop singer.
  • Project Runway fantasy players, get your drafts in quick, as the latest (sixth) installment of the interstitial Project Runway All-Stars returns tonight, with Alyssa Milano still in the Heidi Klum circled square. As per the ushe, it all sorts out on Lifetime.
  • Seeing there is a new episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles just makes us wistful for this satire, lost in the disaster that was the Seeso implosion. In regular old MDLLA, the Altmans try to sell a mansion in Bradbury Estates. There’s still hope for a home for Bajillion Dollar Properties on a new network. If you wish to join that fight, here‘s info on what you can do for it from Mr. Peanut Butter, whose human doppelganger (and voice source and one of the funniest people alive) Paul F. Tompkins stars on the show.


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