What to Watch: 12/08/2017

Everybody get your stiff upper lips ready for the return of The Crown — the Netflix series that filled the void Downtoners felt after everyone at the Abbey pretty much got what they wanted (well, save for those who died in battle, chasing the need for speed or of convenience before the series was over). You’ll even find Mr. Mary Crawley himself, Matthew Goode, joining the cast as Princess Margaret’s husband (rich woman’s husband is a unique typecast). However, it’s none of our editors’ choice as What to Watch. See below for our haughty suggestions which feature a definite Hidden Figures theme.

El Camino Christmas [Netflix]
This shiny new Christmas movie boasts a co-writing credit (with Christopher Wehner) for Hidden Figures scribe Ted Melfi. It’s essentially a bottle episode in movie form about a group of strangers trapped in a liquor store for the holidays and said strangers are comprised of a promising cast which includes Vincent D’Onofrio and Tim Allen.

Science Goes to the Movies [PBS, 8p]
A scientist and astronaut fact-check Hidden Figures (ed note: there goes that news van again).

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ABC, 9p]
Daisy tries to rescue Simmons but what will it cost her? The Agents (and all of us) will find out tomorrow.



  • As mentioned above, the Netflix binge begins tonight if you love The Crown.
  • Rebecca Bunch continues to recover (a welcome relief for us fans) as she seeks a less-kookoo post-Josh life, and Paula gets a show-stopping number, so a lot to (hopefully) love on tonight’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Fox.
  • Tonight is the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards on NBC Sports. Um, Colin Kaepernick, It’s gotta be Colin Kaepernick, right? Ok, it already happened, but even so, I’ll spare the spoilers (well, unless you already clicked).
  • Amazingness may be a bit of overstatement for MTV’s latest in the line of reality competition programs, but we’ll withhold our judgment. (We’re kidding — we’re judging … HARD!)

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