What to Watch: 12/07/17

On this 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, there’s only one logical movie to watch that captures the spirit — the spirit of Psych. There’s some other things on, but the two-hour return of Shawn & Gus and their eagle-eyed antics is a welcome distraction from the world around us. Also, Seth MacFarlane in Space is reportedly getting especially good.

Psych: the Movie [USA, 8p]
The crime-solving, joke-cracking, duo reunites when one is targeted. Yep, a Psych movie years after the show ended.

The Orville [Fox, 9p]
The crew of the Orville discovers a planet from another universe in the season finale.

The Great American Baking Show [ABC, 9p]
The stateside version of this Brit delight enters its third season by challenging the new batch of bakers to create breakfast cakes. Could it be any more American than that?



  • Hope Litoff’s struggles to understand her older sister’s suicide at age 42 are documented on HBO’s 32 Pills: My Sister’s Suicide.
  • Brewer Meg Gill opens her second tour of local beers in the magical (and oh-so-logical) world of Portland, Oregon on tonight’s season debut of Beerland on Viceland.
  • What you gotta love about the Gotham version of the Batman mythology is how many villains can inhabit one episode. This week on Fox, you’ll see the Penguin, the Riddler, AND the Joker!

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