Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: DC’S Legends of Tomorrow

The four-part Arrowverse event ended with a resounding boom. While all episodes of the rarely attempted quadruple crossover were highly lauded, the “Crisis on Earth X” finale on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow truly stuck the landing, earning the title of last night’s best reviewed show. It even edged the winter sign-off for NBC’s tearful juggernaut This Is Us, which definitely struck a chord with reviewers, but fell just short of raves. It was a strong night for comic book adaptations, as Marvel’s Runaways scored further strong reviews for Stan Lee’s forces. Also, it’s beginning to seem we shouldn’t sleep on Fox’s Lethal Weapon. While the track record for movies-turned-tv shows is less than stellar (anyone here remember Gung Ho or Training Day? and that latter one was just last year), between FargoBates MotelDear White People and of course this one, it appears these adaptations might finally hold some hope.

Tuesday, November 28th’s Best Reviewed: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (9.0/10)


The “Crisis” is over, yet it still goes on, as the fourth and final edition of the DC crossover, held nominally in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s time slot, wins our Tuesday round-up. Or as Chris Tydwalk of FanSided exclaims about the arc’s Shakespearean ending, “That’s definitely a dramatic way to end a crossover.” In an A review on the AV Club, Oliver Saca raves that the finale “goes bigger in every respect, justifying its existence as a separate entity from the shows it brings together.” IGN came the closest to a break from the pack as they gave it a grade that translated to merely “Great” (as opposed to The Flash‘s “Excellent” episode three), but Jesse Schedeen still asserts it “mostly recovered its momentum in the final stretch as the focus shifted from fighting Nazis to tying up loose ends and restoring a more hopeful, optimistic tone in the aftermath of Stein’s funeral.”

The Rest of the Night


This Is Us – 8.67

The Flash – 8.34

Marvel’s Runaways – 7.88

Flying Below The Radar


Lethal Weapon – 8.8

Damnation – 7.75

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 5.25

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