Sunday’s Best Reviewed: Girls

Television’s biggest movie night could not dissuade the rest of the TV from doing their thing. [SPOILER ALERT] The Walking Dead sent oversized teddy bear with a mullet, Eugene, over to Negan’s compound to flirt with the dark side, a move which met with mixed reactions. Indiewire‘s Jeff Stone dubs it “the most effective look at the Saviors so far.” Richard Rys of Vulture enjoyed it less, but does conclude “Eugene is finally worth watching.” Meanwhile, HBO’s latest slow-burn thriller Big Little Lies continues to delight with AV Club‘s Gwen Ihnat calling back Reese Witherspoon’s most classic role, saying she went “full-on Flick” in last night’s second episode.

Indiewire is the only zine we could find who dared give a grade to the Oscars telecast, and Ben Travers admitted to be throwing together his review while at a party, so we’ll give him a pass for dismissing the tour group as the obvious low point (all hail the net’s new king  Gary from Chicago). However, a long-running veteran won the night, this Sunday’s clear choice for Best Reviewed show is La La Land. This is La La Land‘s first Best Reviewed victo…oh, wait…

Sunday, February 26th’s Best: Girls [9.8/10]


Lena Dunham could use some good 2017 news, and her New York stories of Hannah brings her some of that with an almost universally perfectly reviewed episode of Girls. TV Fanatic‘s Caralynn Lippo notes that this week’s “bottle episode” was “buoyed by great writing, great direction, and stunning performances by both Lena Dunham and guest star Matthew Rhys.” Amber Dowling at Indiewire called it possibly the “show’s finest achievement yet.”

The Rest of the Night:


Big Little Lies – 8.3

Homeland – 7.9

The Good Fight – 7.5

The Walking Dead -6.7

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