What to Watch: 02/19/2017

Sit down, kids, as we’ve got a lot to talk about this Sunday night which features a ton of new and returning shows — including one with multiple Oscar winners — not to mention Homer Simpson playing two-dimensional chess on TV’s longest running show.

Big Little Lies [HBO, 9p]
Ok, so you might be worn down by the oh-so-provocative ads HBO has been running since (I’m pretty sure) back in 1983 or so, but Big Little Lies does boast a sweet cast that includes a be-bearded Adam Scott (oh, and a couple of struggling ingenues named Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon). I’m also a sucker for a brooding seaside mystery, so sign me up.

Crashing [HBO, 10:30p]
Pete Holmes, Artie Lange, Lauren Lapkus, sadness, and “there’s no good way to tell people you haven’t seen The Wire,” should be enough to entice to affable neurotic Holmes’ semi-autobiographical comedy.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Homer becomes a chess savant. Do you think he removed the crayon up his nose?



  • If you thought you could get rid of The Good Wife‘s fierce senior litigator Diane Lockhart by merely canceling her show, think again. Christine Baranski’s iconic liberal lawyer barely took a summer off before returning to lead the spin-off The Good Fight, premiering tonight on CBS. Ostensibly, Lockhart is retired, but between a sweet timeslot and that sentient tub of rancid Orange Julius in the White House, we’ll see how long that lasts.
  • Negan and Ezekiel’s circles are tightening ever closer to a showdown, so, as it’s The Walking Dead, of course tonight we’ll be introduced to yet a new band of warriors as the heroes(?) hunt down a missing Alexandrian.
  • Linda’s zeppelin-wreck sister Gayle (voiced by Megan Mullaly) returns to Fox’s Bob’s Burgers, but this time she’s on a rare upswing, or at least her cat, Mr. Business (“he can be so mean”), is as he is set to become a star of the screen.
  • Roy Wood Jr., a well-respected stand-up for over a decade, has become one of the first breakout correspondents of the Trevor Noah-era of The Daily Show. Tonight, the Alabama-born comic returns to the stage with the Comedy Central half-hour special, Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure
  • While Billions, the Showtime series featuring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti, earned mixed reviews at best during its first season, it apparently gathered enough of an audience to merit a second season, and as we write this, it is the most-anticipated show on TV Guide (and you see all-what-else is on).

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