What to Watch: 02/05/2016

Word is there’s some sort of show about really fantastic owls tonight. Otherwise, here’s what we recommend.

24: Legacy [Fox, Following Super Bowl]
In this crazy, not-so-brave new world, maybe what we need is the return of Jack Bauer. Well, we may not get that, but we do have the return of that iconic clock ever-ticking-downward, and a team of field agents trying to prevent things from blowing up.

Kitten Bowl [Hallmark, Super Bowl Halftime?]
At one point, someone at Budweiser said “you know what would make football better? dogs!,” and then another person at another point at Hallmark said “but what about cats?,” and yet again this year, we have Kitten Bowl, and I am happy for both these people and their contributions to the universe.

Secrets of the Six Wives [PBS, 10p]
Henry VIII’s final three wives are remembered: Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Katherine Parr.



  • Over on HBO, The Young Pope is still pope-ing it up. Meanwhile, his nemesis Voiello continues to plot for his downfall.
  • Turn to PBS for more pomp-y powerful people as Victoria avoids her marriage. Before this, flash forward a century to where the nurses of Mercy Street try to hide a secret.


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