Weekend Box Office: January 27, 2017

Split came out on top last weekend with $40 million. At least Hidden Figures has an Oscar nom?

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of Dimensions brings Millenials’ favorite anime to the big screen…for the third time.

Gold stars Matthew McConaughey as a broke businessman who buys a gold mine in the 1980s, gets rich as hell, and probably loses “everything.” Based on the life of Canadian businessman, David Walsh.

The Daughter is about a young woman whose life crumbles when her father’s friend informs him that her biological father is someone else entirely. Good to see that Paul Schneider is playing jerks again?

I Am Michael stars James Franco as Michael Glatze, a gay activist who decides to be straight and become a pastor. Emma Roberts is his deeply Christian wife and Zachary Quinto is his ex-boyfriend.

Buddies in India is a Chinese/Indiana action comedy.

Lost in Florence is about a man who takes up an aggressive, Italian sport in the midst of a spate of grief spurned by a dejected proposal.

Kung-Fu Yoga stars Jackie Chan as a “renowned archaeology professor” in pursuit of ancient Indian treasure.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the supposed final film in a series that shouldn’t have been made?

Un Padre No Tan Padre is about a man taken in by his son after he is kicked out of his nursing home.

Bastards stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are two men who find out as adults that their father is alive, not dead as they had been informed.

A Dog’s Purpose is an emotionally manipulative drama (being boycotted by PETA!) about a dog reincarnated over the decades so that he may bring hope back to his first owner. Or something. Somehow Dennis Quaid agreed to this.

Confidential Assignment is a Korean action film.

Staying Vertical is a very French film about a filmmaker who must raise his child alone while working on his film.

The Salesman is the latest drama from Asghar Farhadi (About Elly, A Separation), who tells the store of a man who seeks revenge against a man who assaulted his wife.

Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo is a French film about two men who meet at a club, and the 23 hours they spend together.

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