What to Watch: 01/26/2017

It’s a day of network comings and goings of shows which may be forgotten or not.

Baskets [FX, 10p]
Zach Galifianakis’ melancholy clown comedy returned last week with an episode nearly devoid of any hint of conventional humor, but a serene, sublime beauty as Chip Baskets met a dark freakshow amid his run away from home. It’s a reminder of how unique this FX show is, and we’ll see if they return to Bakersfield and Ma and Martha and Dale and their sadness this week.

All That Heaven Allows [TCM, 10p]
A wealthy widow (Jane Wyman!) falls for a younger, earnest landscaper (Rock Hudson!) in this visually stunning, satisfying Douglas Sirk classic. Her bratty children disapprove of the May-December romance that crosses economic and social class. Wyman was 38 at filming, and Hudson was 30; the set used for many shots was the same as Leave It To Beaver.



  • Here comes Riverdale on The CW, or as America’s Podcaster Paul F. Tompkins puts it, “that Archie murder show.”
  • Out goes CBS’ Pure Genius after a 13-episode season, or as we put it, “that show we kind of remember being on.”

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