What to Watch: 01/25/2017

In these times of departmental gags and phantom voters, we can cry or we can watch the magical, the absurd, or just dig in and laugh at the end of the American Dream — oh, and call your Senators and Representatives and resist, too!

The Path [Hulu]
We return to the story of Eddie and the Meyerists as the actions of the cult become more murky. Two episodes drop on Hulu tonight, with eleven to follow.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia [FXX, 10p]
Frank’s Wolf Cola is named the official drink of Boko Haram, causing a PR nightmare. Reading that on TVGuide.com made me LOL. Really.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Samantha Bee hops in her bus to capture stories about this exciting final season of the American Experiment. We’re all gonna die, aren’t we?



  • When Josh’s new girlfriend Lucy met his parents, it was the usual surreal hilarity (with both a spy-action movie and a stalker story) on Man Seeking Woman. On tonight’s episode, Josh is intro’d to Lucy’s family. On FXX.
  • Those wacky Workaholics continue to march to the end on Comedy Central. Tonight, the threesome goes on the road to the company time-share.

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