What to Watch: 01/24/2017

It’s an all-“New” theme to our suggestions, as we’re going with one of our favorite comedies and a BET biopic of a classic R&B juggernaut who started as a pre-teen band in the 1980s.

The New Edition Story [BET, 9p]
They said it was “Popcorn Love“, but it was more than that to me. Not that much more, really, but I’ll admit to loving New Edition as a kid. Not sure how much drama there is within, but then they were torn asunder into four parts at the end of the 1980s, before reuniting to great fanfare in the 90s. I’d give the first of three parts a shot.

New Girl [Fox, 8p]
Jess and Robby go hiking, causing their relationship to “take a turn.” Off a cliff? She’s always hurting the dude, why did he agree to go hiking?



  • It’s a quartet of birthdays tonight on NBC’s critical breakout This is Us.
  • The John Woo flick referencing make-up artist showcase Face Off returns for an eleventh season tonight on (fittingly) FX as the contestants have to factor the green screen into their alien costume creations.
  • A soul from Booth and Bones’ past is murdered as Fox’s venerable, if goofy, procedural Bones reaches the third-point mark of its final season.
  • David Morse’s backwoods drama Outsiders quietly returns on WGN for a second season.
  • Appealing comedian Cristela Alonzo’s eponymous sitcom deserved better, but was definitely hampered by its attempt to shoehorn in semi-celebrity Gabriel Iglesias, whose awkward and negging flirtations bordered on downright rapey. However, she returns with an hourlong special dropping on Netflix today, Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy.

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