What to Watch: 01/23/2017

Dogs and children battle for prizes, not each other, but in two different competitions tonight, while America’s pre-eminent comic book guy not named Jeff Albertson directs an episode of one of the most flashy superhero programs going, Supergirl (he has directed The Flash in the past, fwiw).

AKC National Championship Dog Show  [Hallmark, 8p]
It’s never predictable who will win at this dog show (as of this year, no breed has won twice), and for an added treat, hop over to Netflix or Amazon to watch Best in Show for a dog day afternoon.

Kids Baking Championship [Food, 8p]
The nine remaining contestants make totally out there tie-dye cakes for The Duffman and Valerie.

Supergirl [The CW, 8p]
Is there a better guest director for Supergirl than iconic filmmaker and Comic Book Men host Kevin Smith? He takes the reins of the show tonight.



  • Fresh off its half-backhanded SNL shout out, Timeless continues to play with history and delight its fans on NBC.
  • Lucifer and Chloe navigate the murkier waters post-kiss as they pursue a masked murderer on Fox’s little-show-that-could, Lucifer.
  • Earlier on the same network, we peep back in Upside-Down Metropolis as Dwight eludes Gordon and Bullock and Penguin and Nygma battle.

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