What to Watch: 01/22/2017

Somewhat of a slow Sunday, although if you haven’t given up on Homeland or The Affair, you’ve got that to which to look forward. Also, the Patriots-Steelers AFC Championship game will go well into prime-time. However, most of Fox’s Animation Domination is out for the count, and, again, there’s football, so that knocks out another programming avenue. As it is, we’re going off the beaten path for movies — one from Hallmark, the other an American classic.

Love On the Sidelines [Hallmark, 9p]
A woman who knows nothing about football takes the job as a personal assistant to a football player. You know, Queen Latifah and Common’s Just Wright has a similar plot and the heroine gets to know stuff about sports, too.

The Pink Panther [TMC, 8p]
A myynnnnkey? Peter Sellers’ grandest character comes out in all his incompetent glory from an incredible opening scene, and while it’s ultimately quite silly, it’s spot in Americana is well-deserved.



  • As mentioned above, Showtime offers new episodes of The Affair and Homeland, as Helen jaunts off to Montauk and Carrie presumably continues her inimitable insanity of genius.
  • One of the hospital staff is endangered on the second season premiere of Mercy Street on PBS. Victoria airs a second episode tonight as well.
  • Son of Zorn is the lone Fox toon with a new episode tonight.


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