What to Watch: 01/19/2017

It’s gather-up-ye-televised-rosebuds-while-ye-can time with Trumpsday swift approaching, and what better than absurd comedies to keep you sane.

Baskets [FX, 10p]
Led by the deadpan stylings of Zach Galifianakis and Martha Kelly — and whatever you call Louis Anderson’s brilliant Emmy-winning performance — Baskets proved to be one of the most original half-hour comedies to air in a long while. It returns in all its low-key glory tonight with an episode featuring the titular clown making a minor decision.

The Good Place [NBC, 8p]
Spend a whole hour in The Good Place. Everything isn’t fine, but it’s better than the world of the living.



  • It’s crazy crossover time on CBS’ Life in Pieces as all four minisodes take place at an L.A. Rams game.
  • The premise is simple and sweet as generally affable teams try to figure out the silly twist of wordplay that explains an image on Idiotest, the game show returning tonight on GSN. And that’s as good a place as any to leave this feature before whatever darkness may come…

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