What to Watch: 01/18/2017

Tonight brings Jenna Maroney’s most coveted awards show, a military drama featuring Boyd Crowder, the return of Comedy Central’s three most blissed out men, and an extra shot of the Huang Family.

Six [History, 10p]
While I generally wouldn’t get excited about a Seal Team Six action series, the fact that Justified‘s villainous charmer Walton Goggins (he’s good in everything) helms the lead is definite reason to give this probably-doomed program a shot.

The People’s Choice Awards [CBS, 9p]
Joel McHale hosts the Awards, allowing The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family to live the glory denied to this at this month’s Golden Globes.



  • The final run of Comedy Central’s stoner-bro series Workaholics returns tonight as Anders, Adam, and Blake try to help a friend sell their wares by adding a special ingredient — I’ll give you one guess.
  • An extra episode of Fresh Off the Boat airs tonight on ABC as Jessica throws herself (and the entire Huang clan) into having the best Chinese New Year’s.

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