What to Watch: 01/16/2017

Maybe it’s just part of time winding down to singularity as we approach Friday’s reckoning, but there’s not much to be found on the small screen tonight. Howie Mandel’s celebrity-o-rama might just say it all, but onward we march.

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
This week’s episode can be summed up in one sentence — the return of Jerome!

Counting On [TLC, 8:30p]
The season premiere of TLC’s unrepentant insistence that the Duggars are totally fine, America, and we should all kneel down before their wholesomeness, finds Jinger looking for a wedding dress in DC with only three months before the Big Day. Most Duggar women haven’t even heard of the guy within 90 days, so I don’t know what they’re all freaking out about.

Meet the Putmans [TLC, 10p]
There sure seem to be a lot of people in this famil — damn, I probably just should have gone with nothing.



  • Whoever’s on Howie Mandel’s All-Star Comedy Gala on The CW, it will still have more starpower than that man’s inauguration (this line-up includes ex-SNLer Jay Pharoah and human terrier Russell Brand).
  • One celebrity and Kim Kardashian battle three fans to see who knows the most about said celebrity (Kristin Bell) or Kim K.’s life on ABC’s Big Fan.

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