What to Watch: 01/15/2017

While the Law (Jude Law) is coming to HBO as a lascivious pontiff and the NFL playoffs have a surprise primetime game tonight, neither is a choice of our editors chiming in on this January Sunday. We’re going with classic characters both old and relatively new, including the first hourlong special for television’s longest running scripted program.

Madam Secretary [CBS, 9p]
Elizabeth faces off against China on an aid mission in Africa, which would be interesting, because Elizabeth always opens a can of whoop ass, but HENRY has to look into a CHRISTIAN CULT MEMBER, so I guess CBS has been reading my private diary.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Ever want to see Homer help Mr. Burns get revenge? Tonight’s episode is as close as you’re gonna get. Plus, as mentioned above, it’s their first ever shot at an hour, not to mention a The Great Gatsby parody.

Sherlock [PBS, 7p]
While it’s at an odd time, and its title makes it sound like a final episode (“The Final Problem”), not to mention the fact the Cumberbatch has blown up Silver Screen-side, Sherlock will come back for a fifth series. In tonight’s fourth “season” finale, Holmes and Watson battle deep-seated secrets.



  • You’ve all seen the endless promos (but click on the title to see it once more). A 40-something American named Lenny Belardo becomes Pope Pius XII sounds like a Kevin James comedy coming out this Summer, but, no, it’s Jude Law playing the naughty ascender to the throne on HBO’s The Young Pope.
  • The New England Patriots party animal Rob Gronkowski moves in next door to the Griffins and the usual madness ensues on Family Guy.
  • There’s also real post-season football coming on, as an ice storm delayed the Chiefs/Steelers playoff game (no, not this Ice Storm, although would love to see a game moved due to middle aged angst)
  • Masterpiece delivers the latest bit of fawning at British royalty with Victoria.
  • Meanwhile, The Affair still goes on.

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