What to Watch: 01/08/2017

It’s the second biggest night for both TV and movies as the HFP brings us celebrities, glamour, and of course giggles courtesy of host and Human Break Machine, Jimmy Fallon. However, this award show’s grandeur is not nearly enough to clear the field of competing television, so get ready for some DVR acrobatics as there’s a lot on this cold January night.

The Golden Globes [NBC, 8p]
Jimmy Fallon might have handed the Presidency to the evil-encrusted anthropomorphic Cheeto, but Moonlight is nominated for a bunch of awards, and I can’t wait to see it win.

Son of Zorn [FOX, 8:30p]
The adventures of an animated barbarian trying to make amends with his human son continue as in this episode we get to meet Zorn’s ex!

Bob’s Burgers [FOX, 9:30p]
Tina Belcher’s face on a screen carried around by her two siblings (as seen above) — it’s hard to see that not delivering comic insanity. While it’s become a TV trope on shows from Community to The Good Wife, it’s never not funny. The same could be said for T. Belcher, so there you have it.



  • She’s had a rough 2017, so Mariah kinda deserves someone “catching feelings” for her this week on Mariah’s World.
  • We’ve shouted out to two Fox animated series, but what Fox’s OG animated show. Well, on the longest-running scripted show (period), Spider-Pig returns as Marge becomes obsessed with minimalist Japanese living on The Simpsons.
  • There’s a double-shot of Sherlock Holmes tonight as on PBS’ Sherlock, the bedeviled detective battles a sinister foe, while on CBS’ Elementary, Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu try to save a detainee from a desperate kidnapper.
  • Speaking of desperate, Noah continues to spiral as The Affair continues to be a thing on Showtime/

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