What to Watch: 10/30/2016

Sunday builds the drama (with just a touch of awkward comedy) with a bunch of unlikely heroes staring directly just off the camera.

Poldark [PBS, 9p]
I don’t know, some stuff happens and then Poldark’s shirt comes off…in what is sure to be a gripping episode of season 2, wherein Ross hopes to avoid debtor’s prison.

Westworld [HBO, 9p]
All androids are set against the mysterious Wyatt. As Academy Award-winning actors with ulterior motives go, Ed Harris’ motivation is somewhat clear (although something really hurt him once), but as to Anthony Hopkins, who knows what he’s upto?

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
After last week’s Negan reign of terror and pain, it’ll be a bit of a relief to return to the story of Morgan and Carol and finally meet the Kingdom.



  • Last week’s Insecure beat some heavy hitters to win the reviews night. This week it’s school career day and what could possibly go wrong for our quirky heroine.
  • Sticking on HBO, apparently there’s some hope for our three-named actor based leads’ marriage as a mediator is called in on tonight’s episode of Divorce.

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