What to Watch: 10/20/2016

What an outlandishly fun evening of TV we have in store tonight, with many happy returns. You can do the Time Warp again, if that’s your thing. The folks on the Runway unveil their own little Shark Tank. Keggan-Michael and Jordan return to Comedy Central to bring fictional footballers like Hingle McCringleberry, Ozmataz Buckshank, and Leger Douzable (wait, that one’s real) back to life. And let’s not forget the regular players of underrated shows like Superstore and Better Things.

Key & Peele’s Sportsball Spectacular [Comedy, 9p]
It’s good to know Key & Peele will never leave us, and tonight they pair with an above-average Thursday Night Football face-off (hard to beat Packers v. Bears) to bring us their comic thoughts on a world that has given them a near-bottomless well of material.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again [Fox, 9p]
For countless people discovering the Original Rocky Horror as teenagers was the beginning of their search for identity. It’s become a signpost to awakening and individuality. Now fox is rebooting it. I don’t deny Lavern Cox’s talent, but can the rest of the cast come close to capturing the magic of the first?

Better Things [FX, 10p]
Better Things is one of the best shows on TV today. Week after week it gets better as Sam navigates parenthood and her career, surviving the ugliness of both.



  • After this week’s tense Project Runway, unwind with its latest spin-off, a business-themed bid-off called Project Runway: Fashion Startup where fashionista entrepreneurs pitch their wares at a set of industry experts.
  • It’s baby-time on NBC’s Superstore, as Cheyenne’s giving birth means the return of the hapless Bo to Cloud 9, which we welcome fondly on this little sitcom that just gets better and better.

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