What to Watch: 10/18/2016

Tuesday was well-established as the night of the sitcom long before last week’s fun — if ultimately pointless — crossover, and tonight, all three of us back one of our favorites, including two of last week’s co-mingled players.


Fresh Off the Boat [ABC, 9p]

Eddie shows Emery his middle school tips and tricks, which will surely backfire, as Emery loves rules. Eddie should know by now, but it’s sweet that he’ll try.


New Girl [Fox, 8:30p]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 8p]

Who can top last year’s 99th precinct heist games? Well, probably the ol’ nine-nine as this is its fourth go-around for the holiday its cemented as its own. Seriously, B99 is horning in on “Treehouse of Horror” levels, en route to battling a bald child, a bag of rocks, and a mysterious giant gourd.



  • The Middle has perplexingly decided to go mean lately, and with a title like “A Tough Pill to Swallow,” we’re not setting our hopes high for the l’il sitcom that often exceeds expectations.
  • For those who aren’t feeling the laughter, The Flash introduces a new meta.


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